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The silver mech held a rag in his hand as he made an attempt to polish himself. Sure, the pits of Kaon weren’t exactly a place of vanity, but he wanted to clean himself up. By the end of the night, he’d likely be covered in dirt and energon, but looking nice beforehand tended to please the sponsors.

Megatronus was currently holding an undefeated record. Being one of the relatively younger fighters, a lot was held against him. But he managed to prove them all wrong, and had defeated some very skilled mechs the past few solar cycles. Today he was going against Grideon, another newer fighter. While he tried to stay humble, Megatronus knew he would win this fight.

As the sound of an announcer’s deep voice filled the room, the gladiator placed the rag on a cleaning rack, and prepared for the pre-fight performances to begin.

He wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Before every fight, a dancer would perform for the crowd. Was dancing for the optics of hungry mechs Arcee’s dream job? Definitely not. But it paid well, and she really did enjoy being center stage.

Arcee was a younger bot, hailing from Praxus. She had always dreamt of becoming a warrior, though belonging to the handful of femmes on Cybertron sometimes went against her advantage.

Her facial features sharp and pointed, her armor blue as the deep oceans, how did such a beautiful femme end up in a place like the pits of Kaon?

Sometime, even she didn’t know. Though when they’d asked for a performer tonight, Arcee was first to volunteer. Megatronus was fighting tonight, and he was her favorite.

Not that she’d tell anyone else that.

The way he managed to stay so graceful, yet mighty at the same time, made her spark flutter in ways she never thought possible. Unfortunately, he was a gladiator, and she was a mere dancer…

It would never work.

After tying some ribbon on her helm and adorning her body with glitter, she was ready to step out into the arena.

“...and now, we present to you our pre-show performance, a dance from the ever-enchanting Arcee!”


Megatronus peered into the stadium from a hidden entrance. He was glad that he had not been late.

The femme strode center stage, her pedes en pointe. The way she moved so gently, as if her body was light as a feather, contrasted with her fierce attitude. The gladiator had no clue how she did this, but it mesmerized him.

The lower part of the arena, where the upper castes sat, was silent as they admired the dancing femme. But the higher up the stands his optics went, where the bottom castes resided, was filled with flippant language and ribald remarks.

This bothered Arcee none, for she was too focused on completing her routine. As she spun to the tune blasting through the arena speakers, for a moment her optics landed on a large, silver mech. Was that Megatronus? Watching her?

She nearly stumbled through her next step, though played it off by doing a back lean, sand flying through the air as she skidded back.

Megatronus noticed the bright optics of the dancing femme meet his, even if just for a blink. All he could offer was a smirk as he noticed her nearly mess up her routine. Did he really have that effect on femmes?

As Arcee finished her dance, she quickly moved off the floor, still in time to the fading electro beats.

Now, to begin the fight.

Oddly enough, after seeing the femme become so distracted by his mere presence, Megatronus became absolutely determined to win this fight tonight.

Think of it as a potential mating call, if you will.


Megatronus held his fist up high as he had pinned his opponent to the ground for a total knockout.

This wasn’t exactly a shocking win -- Grideon was skilled, though the sheer size of the winning gladiator was nearly enough to defeat any challenger.

Cheers rang through the pit, as bet money was received (or taken) and final conversations took place. Considerable fights like this one were always saved for the evening, so many attendees were leaving to head home, or to the streets, where parties were likely to take place.

Neither Arcee nor Megatronus would be headed to any parties tonight though, to the dismay of many, as both bots had their processors set on one thing -- each other.

Megatronus was back in the space he had been viewing Arcee from earlier. Arcee figured this would be so and with large strides, hurried to see him there.

“You nearly messed me up.” The femme spoke as she turned a corner, seeing the towering mech.

“Oh, did I? How is that any fault of mine?” Megatronus smirked, leaning against a wall with his back to it,

“You -- urgh -- I wasn’t…” Arcee stammered on her words, not having thought this through well.

“I was merely spectating, my dear. Don’t tell me you’ve grown stage fright, now.”

Arcee was silent, having no response to his statement.

“Ah, that’s what I thought.”

“I just didn’t expect to see you there.”

“I see. Even though this is not the first time I have watched you perform -- from a distance, always. I just can’t keep my optics peeled off of you... Call me a fan, if you must.”

“But...I don’t understand. I’m just a dancer, one of hundreds, and you’re a gladiator.”

“Don’t act so humble. You know you’re the most graceful of all the dancers, the way you glide across sand as if it’s ice, how your ribbons flow mercilessly through the wind but you pay it no harm…” he stepped closer to Arcee, forcing her to back into a wall.

Arcee’s cooling fans kicked in, as the staggering mech leaned down to optic level with her.

“You’ve stolen the sparks of many mechs during your time in the arena, Arcee. And I intend to leave here tonight with more than just a refund.”

{ Not sure whether to continue would be rated M if I did. 😉 }
The Arena
Pre-War Cybertron. Megatronus is a gladiator, one of the best fighters in the pits of Kaon. A younger Arcee is a dancer that performs before every fight, and Megatronus has had his optics on her for some time.


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